The Certificate Lab – The Gold Standard in Laboratory Accreditation

The Certificate Lab offers a full suite of certifications in Central Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow. These include the PAT Testing, EPCs and the Legionella Risk. You can find a full explanation of the various certifcates on the website.

The AASHTO Accreditation Program (AASHTO) is the gold standard when it comes to accrediting laboratories. The AASHTO Accreditation Program is comprised of a series of criteria determining the quality of a laboratory’s processes and products. It is also worth noting that the AASHTO is not just about certifying the lab itself but also the people who work in the lab. This is a good thing because it helps the lab maintain a level of quality irrespective of the number of employees.

One of the best things about the AASHTO is that the organization is not only the largest accredited testing facility in the United States but is also able to assist in obtaining accreditation for other laboratories and companies whose standards are too high for a single laboratory to achieve on its own. In addition, the organization’s onsite laboratory inspections are second to none.

The best part about the AASHTO is that the organization has taken the time to educate their staff on how to improve the overall quality of their work. They also make it a point to review all of the documentation associated with the laboratory’s safety trainings. Similarly, they are not shy about pointing out any deficiencies. For example, they have been known to point out the presence of pests or the absence of a safe drinking water supply.

One of the more exciting and informative aspects of the AASHTO is the program’s deemed status in the CLIA (Center for Laboratory Improvement and Accreditation) scheme. As a result, the program is a veritable gold mine of information. Moreover, they are able to help other states and companies with their own state-specific accreditation programs. Some of these programs are even sponsored by the federal government.

The AASHTO also boasts a notable award for the most credible scientific laboratory test that The Certificate Lab has been conducted. To qualify for the prize, a lab must comply with the following tenets of the program.

A properly implemented Quality Management System (QMS) is a good start. Besides ensuring compliance with ISO/IEC 17026, the organization also recommends that labs perform the following: Identifying laboratory hazards; Establishing and maintaining a quality control plan; Ensuring that laboratory personnel are trained to operate in a safe manner; and Monitoring the quality of work performed. Also, the program requires that all labs undergo a minimum of one on-site inspection per year.

The AASHTO program is not without its naysayers. For instance, they are not alone in requiring a permit for conducting a flammable gas test. The New York City Fire Department also requires that all laboratories have a permit if they have more than 75 standard cubic feet of flammable liquid in their tanks. Lastly, they are not shy about requiring the presence of a qualified certificate of fitness holder.