How to Answer Common Green Card Marriage Interview Questions

A green card marriage interview is an essential part of the process for a foreign national to obtain permanent residency in the United States through their spouse. As part of the interview, USCIS will ask both the married couple and the immigrant spouse questions about their relationship, daily activities and more to ensure that the marriage is legitimate and not a scam for immigration benefits. In order to prove that their marriage is real, the couple must answer all of the questions truthfully and honestly.

There is no set list of green card marriage interview questions and the officer can request additional information from both parties at any point during the interview. However, there are a number of sample questions that can help prepare the couple for what to expect during the interview.

While it is important for couples to practice answering these common questions, it is also critical for them to be on the same page about their relationship and love story prior to the interview. This will prevent any inconsistencies that could be picked up on by the officer and possibly jeopardize the couple’s application.

Some common marriage-based green card interview questions include:

What were your feelings when you first started dating? How did you know your spouse was the one for you? How long have you been together?

How do you spend your free time as a married couple? Do you enjoy traveling together? Do you like to take part in hobbies or sports? How many children do you both have? How often do you visit your family?

During the interview, it is critical for the couple to act naturally and not be overly affectionate or uncomfortable. This can cause the officer to question the validity of the marriage and may lead to more difficult questions. The couple should answer all of the questions about their relationship, including any difficult ones, in a calm and professional manner.

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind? Do you both work outside the home? What does your typical day look like? What are some of your favorite foods and drinks?

It is important for couples to remember that while they can practice answering the basic green card marriage interview questions, it is important not to memorize any answers. Memorizing answers can sound rehearsed and will be a red flag to the officer that there is something suspicious about the marriage.

If the couple is on different pages about their relationship or memory, it can be extremely challenging to iron out any inconsistencies during the interview. It is therefore highly recommended for couples to consult with an experienced immigration attorney to prepare for the interview and address any issues that the officer may raise.

While the marriage-based green card interview can be intimidating, it is an essential step in the process of obtaining a permanent residence as a spouse of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident. By preparing in advance and addressing any concerns raised by the officer, the couple can be confident in their ability to answer all of the questions during the interview.