Industrial Ventilation System Solutions: Enhancing Workplace Air Quality

For facilities like manufacturing plants, chemical processing units and food production lines, ventilation systems are a necessity. They help to keep air quality high, control temperature and odors, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and enhance process efficiency. But many industrial ventilation systems fail to perform effectively due to inadequate design, improper maintenance and/or aging equipment.

Industrial ventilation systems must be designed and built with the specific contaminants, challenges and goals of the facility in mind. For example, a manufacturing plant that handles several different chemicals each with their own properties and handling requirements would require a specific ventilation system design to properly contain fumes and protect employees and equipment. Using a generic ventilation system could lead to temperature inconsistencies, product quality issues, and even compliance violations.

Inadequate ventilation systems can have a negative impact on your company’s productivity and profitability. Workers can become sick from impurities that contaminate the air and surfaces of your facility, production will slow down and products may be contaminated by volatile organic compounds, smoke and machine exhaust. A poorly designed or maintained ventilation system can also reduce the effectiveness of your filtration systems and lead to expensive operational expenses and production delays.

Storee Construction offers a full range of services for the entire lifecycle of your industrial ventilation system services. Our team of experts can review and evaluate your facility and existing ventilation system to identify inefficiencies, determine if any changes are needed to improve the efficiency of the current system and provide recommendations for future improvements. We can help you understand the options available to you, including ductwork design and acoustical control designs.

Performing regular inspections on industrial ventilation systems is a critical component of maintaining proper airflow and eliminating harmful contaminants. A thorough inspection can detect problems that could be causing health and safety hazards for your employees or leading to higher operation costs and reduced system performance.

In addition to the general system components such as fans, motors, controls and hoods, Storee Construction can also assess the integrity of the ductwork, ensuring that access doors are closed, hood and duct velocities are within the minimum required values, test ports are in place and working correctly and a complete record of the system is maintained.

Thousands of U.S. workers are sickened from heat illnesses each year, and most of these deaths are preventable with adequate industrial ventilation. By reviewing the layout of your facility and its ventilation system, Storee Construction can recommend solutions to ensure a safe environment for your staff. Schedule a safety analysis today!