Análisis de la Consejeria en Espanol

Psychological counseling deals with the emotional, social, work and school concerns that people as individuals and in families may have. It is a support and mental health modality to help you develop and improve your attitudes, behaviors, relationships and behaviors. Psychological help may include therapies with specialized psychotherapists and psychologists, as well as generic support and health measures in groups.

The objective of this study is to analyze the current representation of immigrant characters in Spanish production series broadcast on the main streaming platforms. The analysis has confirmed that their presence in TV programs continues to be underrepresented, and when it does occur, the figure it has is often stereotypical.

I focus on helping people deal with difficult situations in their lives through psychological counseling. I have helped clients facing significant trauma, fighting for freedom of mind, reclaiming their lives, and helping those experiencing suicidal thoughts. I have also coached clients to learn how to reorganize their perspectives on their own self-esteem, helping them increase their level of confidence.

The information and resource guide for parents is available in English Consejeria en Espanol and Spanish and is designed to guide friends, family and loved ones helping patients affected by CEVD. This resource works in collaboration with community parenting support centers across the country.

This guide in Spanish for family members helping their neighbors affected by the EVD pandemic includes resources for counseling, assistance, health and education of children. The guide also includes resources for countries that have implemented national and local reception and healthcare systems for families affected by EVD.

All data and information available on this website is free and no consultants are paid. If you or the patient need more urgent help, consult a local medical service.

The National Institute of Health in Spain (INSA) is helping parents to help their children begin to enter and study at the secondary level, even if they are suffering with the HIV virus.

Do you have a child who has problems with their mental health? This resource from INSA helps you understand and answer your questions about advances in medicines, such as the new vaccination trial, hope for recovery, secondary side effect and secondary impact on man.