The Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is quite a new flooring product that has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. When a concrete slab is prepped and smoothed, a tough resin and an epoxy hardener are combined together. The hardening chemical reaction will create a durable plastic coating over some short to medium term days. Most people call this product Epoxy Garage Floor Cover.

If you need epoxy flooring, you should make sure that the concrete floor surface you’re planning on putting it on is at least two millimeters even. Anything less than that and the coating won’t be as effective. If the concrete surface isn’t even one inch thick, then you should add four to six millimeters of clear resin. Don’t forget to clean up the resin before applying it to the floor. You can use a shop vac or a wet mop to do this.

You can use epoxy flooring for any garage surface you want. Whether you have hot carports, storage garages, boat docks, or workshops, you can install a heavy duty epoxy system that’s durable and attractive at the same time. These systems are available in a variety of colors. Some of them are bright white, but you can also use black, blue, or clear colored resins. Just remember that if you use color flakes in your garage, then you’ll have to use more than normal strength paint to cover the surface because the adhesive used in most systems is quite thick.

When applying epoxy flooring to concrete floors, you have to take special care to avoid making any water-based spills or drops. The reason why you have to be careful with these kinds of spills is because if they sit too long, they will cause the concrete floors to swell. The expansion will cause the floor to crack, creating a huge hole in the garage or in your driveway. If you accidentally get some water on your newly stained concrete floors, make sure to quickly wipe it off using a mop and some cleaners before they dry, or the cement might become even more unsightly.

To prevent unsightly stains on your concrete floor, use a good quality sealer that won’t leave any lumps or scratches. When choosing an epoxy flooring product, you should look for one that’s been treated with a water-based resin coating. A high quality sealer will help keep out moisture, which is one of the main causes of stains on concrete floors.

If you’re doing a complete remodel of your house or just doing simple touch ups, there really isn’t any need for epoxy flooring. In general, there are several advantages to self-leveling epoxy floors. They are very easy to install. You can also increase the value of your home by adding self-leveling concrete floors. So if you’re ready to get your floor done right, contact a reputable epoxy flooring specialist near you today.