What You Should Know About Window Restoration and Repair

Window Restoration and Repair

Recently we featured a window restoration business in our local newspaper. This is one of the newer window restoration shops in operation and offers quality services to their customers. We take a look at what they offer, their prices and their services. Then conclude with some thoughts on window repairs and maintenance.

Name is Ed Sanchez and this business is Window Restoration and Repair usually specializing in energy efficient windows. Specializing in energy efficient windows means they can make your old windows look like new again while saving you money in the process. When we purchased our home we had our old windows replaced with energy efficient windows. They saved us a lot of money on our utility bills. We love our new windows, they are so easy to clean and maintain. I will have to admit initially we were a little worried that our old windows wouldn’t be able to handle all the snow that came down during the winter but they easily handled the amount that fall brings.

There are several types of services that they offer. There is a basic non-per-window service that involves cleaning the glass and cleaning the sash and door frame. There is also a basic full restoration, which means that everything is replaced, the glass, frames, sashes, locks and doors. There is a quick lube service which involves putting the windows back quickly and offering a guarantee for 24 hours. These are just a few of the services they offer.

There are also many businesses in the historic district that offer window restoration and repair as part of a package. If the structure is historic there may be additional fees involved. The historic nature of some buildings means that the replacement of glass and other parts may be required. Windows, doors, exterior siding and other structures in the historic district may require more extensive repairs than the typical residential client. Some historic structures have been damaged by fire or are suffering from decay so the window repair and restoration may have to be done on a much larger scale.

Many large commercial buildings use wood windows. Wood is a cost effective way to keep the heat inside the building while keeping the noise down. If the building is being constructed it is important that the window restoration and repair is done before finishing the construction. This can prevent a lot of expense and hassles that can arise from not having the wood windows properly maintained.

There are several companies that specialize in window replacement with the replacement of the inside and outside. They will first inspect your home and then send a quote based on the size of your structure. If the cost is less they may not be able to replace all the windows or the size you require. They can also give you advice about how to keep the old wood windows in good condition. They can install the new ones and make any other necessary modifications to the building.