What You Need to Know About Poster Printing

With the vast variety of poster printing services available today, deciding which is best for your printing needs can seem like an overwhelming task. Before you choose your poster printing company, it’s important to consider the different printing methods that are available, and which ones are more suited to your individual needs. Below are five popular poster printing methods that many companies use. These are:

Glossy High Quality Poster Printing. Glossy high-quality poster printing delivers the ultimate in high definition visual images. Images that are printed on high quality materials result in beautiful posters that sparkle and catch the light. Glossy high quality posters are used for everything from billboards to outdoor signage, and they are often used in conjunction with a UV coating to prevent fading.

Matte – Metallic and semi-metallic colours. Metallic and semi-metallic colours produce highly accurate colour rendering, which gives photos, paintings and other printed works a rich, natural tone. Glossy metallic colours are most often used for fine art work or photographic reproductions and are also sometimes seen in fine pieces of architecture and furniture design. When choosing matte poster printing, it’s important to consider the finishing techniques that may be included in the final product.

Standard Sizes. Standard sizes are the most widely used in poster printing. Standard sizes are generally referred to as ‘size’ in production. They are typically dimensionally based, which means that when you order them, you’re ordering a specific number of prints. For example, if you order fifty posters of the same size, you’ll receive fifty separate prints. They are also the most versatile, allowing for many customization options and variable paper thicknesses.

RGB Colour Conversion. There are many different colour schemes available when printing with photographs. It is important to choose your printer according to the type of image that you want to print. If your images are in RGB format, you’ll be able to specify the colour model that your printer uses during the process of printing. Your graphic design software will have an option to automatically adjust the display output in the RGB colour space, resulting in much more seamless poster designs.

Postcard Options. Some of the best looking poster printing can be achieved when you utilize the right type of materials for your lithographic printing. If your images are in cardstock, it is important to purchase the appropriate paper for the image that you want to print onto. The most common types of cardstock that are used for photo printing are Glossy White, semi gloss and matte finish. There are also many cardstock variants, such as Pearl finish, artiver, archival, foil stamping, glitter and UV coatings that can be used for your poster printing.