Understanding Your Bicycle Battery Types

There are currently four main Electric Bike Battery fiets accu technology: Ni-Mh, Li-Ion, Li-po and lead. ) Li-Ion batteries have been replaced by Ni-MH because of less price and better quality. B) Ni MH type batteries are now on the verge of obsolescence. C) Batteries use lithium polymer, which is a non-hazardous material and inexpensive. The latest technology is more sensitive to temperature effect, though than the Li-Ion type.

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D) If you want to avoid reconditioning or if you don’t mind buying new replacement batteries, a single-cell bicycle battery should be able to provide you with enough power for a full ride. The maximum performance level of these single-cell batteries can reach up to 8 hours or so. The best part of this technology is that it doesn’t require you to charge and discharge the battery repeatedly. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is ensuring that the cycling range and the charging current do not exceed the capacity of your Li-Ion cells.

E) Lithium-ion cells: The latest models of high power battery includes lithium-ion cells. The advantage of using lithium-ion cells is that they offer higher cycle durability, they consume less energy and they do not suffer from memory effect. The disadvantage of using these cells is that they are fragile, have slow charging and discharging capabilities and they are susceptible to short-circuit.

F) AC/DC: AC or Direct Current is a mode used in electric bicycles where the rider wants to maximize the available speed. There are advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of using AC is that it is faster to charge and discharge. AC also enables more programming options and allows the user to adjust the speed at which the motor will run. On the other hand, DC operates more smoothly and allows more programming options.

G) 48v 14ah rack battery: This model of AC is the most popular with electric bicycle owners. It is capable of quickly delivering the charge to the electric bicycle. The disadvantage of using this type of battery is that it consumes a lot of energy in order to charge and it has slow charge and discharge capabilities.

H) Nickel Cadmium: The nickel-cadmium type of AC is considered the best in terms of long-term performance and long battery life. This type of battery is safe to use and is capable of reaching higher charge cycles. It also has a fast charge and discharge rates. It has good energy efficiency. However, it can experience power overloads and can be destroyed by extreme temperatures.