Rent a Boat in Malta

Malta is an enchanting island in the Mediterranean Sea and has a unique culture, history and crystal clear sea. Renting a boat in Malta offers the perfect opportunity to escape the crowds and explore pristine waters, sandy beaches and sheltered bays that only this secluded sailing destination can offer.

Valletta, the capital of Malta, is home to many luxury hotels and restaurants but also boasts an ancient capital full of history. This harbour city, a haven of fortifications and fortresses built to fend off the different empires that sought to dominate Rent a Boat in Malta over the millennia, has an enchantment that will make you feel you’ve stepped back in time.

Central Malta is where you’ll find Mdina, a walled town that is one of the most spectacular examples of an ancient medieval city in the world. Beyond its walls, there are a variety of castles and villages that will appeal to every traveller.

There are a wide range of options to choose from when renting a boat in Malta, whether you want to explore the coastline with your family or simply relax on a romantic sunset cruise. A skippered charter is the best option as a professional crew will take care of all of your needs on your sailboat, catamaran or yacht rental.

Bareboats are another popular choice when it comes to renting a boat in Malta. This option is available for those who don’t have any experience with boating and can help you get the most out of your holiday without having to worry about technical difficulties or getting lost in unfamiliar waters.

Most of the cruising destinations in Malta are accessible by motorboat or sailboat, but there are a number of ports to choose from which can provide you with a completely different sailing experience. Some of the main ports to consider include Marsaskala in the south, which is a bustling resort that is surrounded by stunning vistas and offers plenty to do during your time on the water.

The Golden Bay on the northern shores of Malta Island is a picturesque beach that will attract many tourists looking for a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the glistening blue ocean. It has a small sandy beach that is perfect for snorkelling and a stunning view of the other two islands Comino and Gozo.

It is also possible to visit the famous Blue Grotto on Gozo, which is carved out of the deep blue sea and sparkles with phosphorescence during the morning light. These caves are accessible by boat and a private boat is the best way to go, as you will have the chance to experience the caves in their most beautiful form.

Gozo is a serene island with beautiful landscapes and old stone farmhouses but also renowned for its diving and snorkelling spots. There are also a handful of picturesque beaches that are perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Comino is another beautiful island that has a rich and varied heritage. The smallest of the three main Maltese Islands, Comino is home to a stunning Blue Lagoon that attracts thousands of tourists each year. However, this lagoon is a secluded paradise that you can only access by sea and with tourists arriving between 10am and 4pm, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the place with just a few other boats.