Potty Training Tips For First Time Parents

The most basic of potty training tips is to make it fun! Potty accidents are going to be sure to test the patience of even the most patient parent, and will definitely try every parent’s patience. But, don’t panic. Try to just keep your cool.

Some kids test you on your patience by not using a potty for extended periods of time don’t give them that satisfaction. If they just poo and pee everywhere, keep control of yourself. It’s best to take a “time out”cry it out” approach. The worst thing you can do is to tell them they have to go, which is a sure way to make things worse. This is what we call a “parent-child conflict”.

Don’t use a paper towel to clean up. I know it sounds silly, but if you’ve had children in the past you know this is not good for you, and it’s not good for the environment either. They’re not using a proper toilet, so they’re not using the correct disposal method. This can lead to more accidents, which isn’t what you want. And remember, they’re potty accidents!

One of the most important potty training tips is to make sure you don’t make your child feel bad for not using the potty. Often it can make the child feel bad because they know that the potty won’t work, and they can’t get help. However, make sure you always show your love to your child when they mess up a little.

Some parents are really harsh with their children who have potty accidents. The reason is because you don’t want your child to feel like you’re trying to punish them. In most cases, that’s not necessary. Just make sure you are understanding at the same time.

Hopefully the above mentioned potty training tips are helpful. Now you know what to expect as you start potty training your child.

Another potty training tip is to start slowly. Children will take longer to reach the point where they can use a potty then if you push them too hard at first. The biggest cause of frustration with kids is the pressure to get them to go sooner than they can handle. So don’t over train your child.

There are many other potty training tips that you can find on the internet. Some of them are more general, like starting your child off with the older models, like the ones with one potty, some that pertain to younger kids, like the types of diapers and the toilet seat, some of which pertain to your child’s gender and height.

The main potty training tips that will help your child the most, are: “train with love”, and “treat it like a game”don’t make your child mad”. They say that children learn best when they feel appreciated, and the potty is one way to show your children that you care about them. Don’t forget to give them praise, it doesn’t have to be a lot, but sometimes it’s just as effective.