OneUI 6 Watch Beta Program Announced

Samsung has launched the One UI 6 Watch Beta Program today with Galaxy Watch 6 Series Bluetooth variants in the US. The update brings a suite of new features, primarily centered around health and fitness. You can now monitor your energy levels throughout the day with a new Energy Score powered by Galaxy AI, track more complex workouts with the Workout Routines feature, combine different exercises for a custom routine, and more.

Other changes include the ability to save image attachments to your watch, a stylish new default font, and improved scrolling speed. You can also customize the emojis you use most frequently to be a favorite and instantly send them as a quick response. Lastly, you can now see ongoing activities all at once by tapping on the bottom of the watch face. You can also choose to limit health features to preserve battery power while charging.

Among the most exciting new features is the double pinch gesture, which is basically screen-free navigation through wrist movements. Reddit user Fearless_Winner1084 demonstrates how it works in the video below, and it’s quite nifty. The same gesture can be used to answer calls, turn off alarms, scroll through notifications, control music, take pictures, and more. A finger icon will appear on buttons that can be controlled with a double pinch, and there’s support for touch-free navigation back to the previous menu by moving your wrist.

The latest version of One OneUI 6 Watch udpate for Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5, Watch 6 includes new modes that automatically adjust your Galaxy Watch’s settings according to what you’re doing or where you are. It can toggle Do not disturb, Always on Display, Raise wrist to wake, Touch screen to wake, Touch bezel to wake, Sound mode, and Disconnection alerts. You can also customize your watch’s shortcuts and universal gestures using the new Settings app.

If you’re interested in testing the latest version of One UI on your watch, head to the Samsung Members app on your Galaxy device and click “Notices.” You can then follow the link from there to get started. Samsung warns that you may need to manually update your apps before installing the beta, so make sure you do that first.

The Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to launch with the One UI 6 update next month, and you can learn more about it here. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what you think of the new features and if you’ll be upgrading your device anytime soon. Android Authority may earn commission from purchases made via links in this article. Please read our privacy policy for more information.