How to Build a Greek God Body

For your Greek god physique, you’ll need to know your height, wrist circumference, and ankle circumference. A Greek god body proportion calculator can tell you these measurements and determine which muscle groups you need to build. The deltoids, for example, are the three heads of muscles located in the shoulders. You can strengthen your delts by doing exercises such as the bench press and side delt raises.

Golden ratio

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical proportion, roughly equal to 1.618. The ratio has many possible values, including ones between one and two. It can be useful for mathematicians and scientists studying synchronisation, or how a system is forced to act in a particular way when a different frequency is applied to it. The human body, for example, synchronises itself with the frequency of daily sunlight, and the climate of Earth synchronises with the earth’s orbit around the Sun.

The Greek God physique was based on the proportions of the human body. Ancient Greek sculptures show beefy guys with sculpted shoulders and a powerful V-shaped torso. Their physiques were also characterized by prominent square pecs and rock-hard arms. Today, actors with similar physiques include Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler.

Muscle mass

The Greek god physique is characterized by its visually balanced muscular proportions. However, not all muscle groups are the same size and are trained in equal amounts. The chest muscles and medial and posterior deltoid head are among the key muscle groups to focus on. This how to build the greek god physique style of bodybuilding involves a lot of upper body training, so it is vital to develop these muscle groups as well.

As with any workout routine, proper recovery is crucial. It is important to remember that the majority of muscular development takes place on rest days. You should plan at least one rest day per week between training sessions to give your central nervous system a chance to recover. In addition, you should perform a combination of heavy compound sets and structured high-volume isolation exercises.

Body fat percentage

As you build a Greek god physique, it is important to understand that your goal is to have a very lean body with an average percentage of body fat of eight to ten percent. This is the same target that you’d want to have for a ripped physique, and it is the first step to getting that body in the style of the Greek gods. To find out your body fat percentage, you can use an online TDEE calculator.

Another important aspect of a Greek God physique is your diet. Eating unhealthy foods contributes to weight gain, and it can lead to other health problems. For this reason, you need to pay close attention to what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat it.