General Auto Repair in San Diego

If you’re in the market for a reliable car repair service in San Diego, consider General Auto Repair. Their technicians are ASE-certified and will treat your vehicle with care. General Auto Repair is also conveniently located. You can schedule an appointment online or call ahead for a free estimate. The shop also offers storage services.

Quality service

If you are in need of a general auto repair service, you should not be afraid to bring your vehicle to the shop. A reputable company will do a thorough check of all parts and systems, including the tires, and balance them according to a set maintenance schedule. They can also recommend the this website right tire for your vehicle and install it properly. They will also perform periodic wheel alignments.

Written estimate

Before allowing a mechanic to work on your car, you should insist on a written estimate. Getting one in writing will prove that both parties have communicated well about the issue at hand, and it will also prevent disputes after the repairs are completed. A written estimate should be specific about the parts, labor and flat fees involved. It should also break down any extras that might be involved.

The written estimate should include the parts and labor that will be used to repair the vehicle. It must also state whether new or used parts are needed. Even if the repair shop only gives you an estimate over the phone, you should write down the date, name of the person who gave you the estimate, and the estimated cost. It is against the law for a repair shop to charge you more than the written estimate without your prior consent.

The written estimate is a contract between you and the auto repair shop. It specifies how much the work will cost and what the time it will take. It also includes a disclaimer stating that the final cost may vary.