Delivering a DISC Workshop

DISC workshop training helps individuals better connect with others and understand how to communicate in different styles. Whether it’s an in-person team event or a virtual online training session, participants leave with tools to improve their relationships at work. During the training, participants learn how to identify their own and others’ personalities, develop effective communication strategies, and build stronger trusting connections.

Taking the guesswork out of interpersonal interaction can make all the difference in a strong and productive workplace. This DISC workshop will teach your teams how to proactively manage and resolve conflict, build stronger working relationships, and maximize performance. The workshop is a valuable tool that can be implemented by all levels of management, regardless of their role or title.

When it comes to delivering a DISC workshop, it’s important that you prepare the materials in advance. The Everything DiSC Facilitation Kits provide everything you need to deliver a DISC workshop, including the online pre-work assessments, supplemental training materials, and certified expert facilitation. This ensures that your DISC workshop will be an engaging, interactive experience for your participants.

The first step in the DISC workshop is to help your participants interpret their own report results. Depending on the type of DISC report, this may involve reading through each statement and highlighting areas that resonate for them, or possibly circle sections that don’t completely describe their behavior. Once your participants have a clear understanding of their own results, they can begin to discuss their reports with one another and use the information in their day-to-day interactions at work.

After gaining an in-depth understanding of their own personality and communication style, it’s important to teach your team how to recognize the personalities of others. This can be done through a series of activities, such as group discussions and role plays. It’s also helpful to share real-life examples of people with each of the four DISC profiles, such as Bill Gates and Ellen Degeneres.

It’s then time to focus on the importance of building relationships in a workplace. The DISC workshop will show your team members how to build trust with their coworkers and managers, create a culture of accountability and responsibility, and become more effective relationship managers. The DISC workshop will also teach your team how to build effective communication with coworkers and managers of all personality styles, thereby minimizing the amount of time spent on unproductive conflicts.

DISC workshops can have a profound impact on the work environment when applied in the workplace. By implementing the DISC workshop in your organization, you can see improvements in morale, teamwork, communication, and productivity. Investing in the success of your employees is always a good idea. Contact us today to schedule a DISC workshop for your team! This will be an experience they will never forget!